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Dr. Clinton Baldwin, Ph.D.

President: The Baldwin Biblical Manuscript Research Institute (BBMRI)


The Baldwin Biblical Manuscript Research Institute is designed to make simple and accessible to the non-specialist, the scientific complexities that have to do with the manuscript history of the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures.

The Institute ventilates issues that relate to how, when, and by whom the biblical texts were written, preserved, developed, organized and transmitted. In addition, we also explore the influence of orality on the evolution of the Biblical text. These issues form the basis for demonstrating that real practical, social, spiritual, political and economic benefits are to be obtained from the manuscript study of the Biblical text. Thus, far from being dry and difficult, the study of the Biblical manuscripts is a very rewarding discipline that addresses many of our tough questions.


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About Dr. Baldwin

Dr. Clinton Baldwin holds a Ph.D. in Religion from Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan with special emphasis in New Testament Textual Criticism.

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